Whether you’re working to create a masterpiece with your home garden, or making your living in a farming, landscaping or garden maintenance type business, you can rely on two things;

  1. Husqvarna Power Equipment
  2. Blue City Chainsaws and Mowers

Both companies share the same values resulting in an incredibly durable product, supported by high levels of service.   

We understand that in your business time is money, and when time is of the essence you need to be partnering with a company that will support you with power equipment sales, service and parts.  That’s where the connection is with the Husqvarna and Blue City Chainsaws and Mowers values, which are;  

  • Innovation
  • Precision
  • Pride


One of the first companies in Australia to offer an Online Spare Parts Ecommerce system, providing accuracy in parts ordering and allowing you to order parts when you want and how you want.



The quality of workmanship in the service team is second to none. Our power equipment technicians will maintain your equipment to the highest possible level, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of your Husqvarna Power Equipment.



Husqvarna has been supplying premium products for over 365 years. It's this element of knowledge, experience and passion that has been recognised at Blue City Chainsaws and Mowers. We’ve been around for years and plan on serving the community for years to come.

We understand time is money, that’s why we’re here to support and serve you in every way possible. Our mission is to deliver to you the best possible experience in Husqvarna Power Equipment sales, service and spare parts.


Contact us to learn more about our range and service options.